2020-23National Science Foundation,
Biological Oceanography,
Garbage Dumps or Primary Care Clinics?:
Cleaning Stations as Hubs for the
Maintenance and Recovery of Microbial
Diversity on Coral Reefs
$500,000A Apprill
2020-22University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Research Growth Initiative,
Development of a 3-Dimensional Waterflow
Olfactometer for Marine Zooplankton
$162,306JR Strickler
2015-20National Science Foundation,
Biological Oceanography, and Symbiosis,
Defense, and Self-Recognition,
Beyond Cleaning Symbiosis: Ecology of
‘Ticks of the Sea’ on Coral Reefs
$1,079,300A Grutter, M Dolan
2015National Science Foundation,
Virgin Islands NSF EPSCoR,
Ecology and Dynamics of Host-Parasite
Interactions in Brewer’s Bay
2014-16National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Puerto Rico Sea Grant,
Reef Health, Fish Diseases, and Habitat
Connectivity: Understanding the Role
of Ectoparasites as Vectors of
Diseases, Energy Transfer, and Barometers
of Reef Ecosystem Health
$56,760AWJ Demopoulos
2012-15National Science Foundation,
Biological Oceanography/Ecology &
Evolution of Infectious Disease,
Blood Parasite Infections in Fishes
& Their Transmission by Gnathiid
Isopods on Caribbean Coral Reefs
$327,590NJ Smit