Art-Science Initiatives

Our team embraces the synergy of art and science. We view these two approaches to understanding our universe as highly complementary. Much of art is inspired by the discoveries of science and by sparking imagination, art can lead scientists to new discoveries. Art is a highly effective means of generating excitement and interest in science. Our research team includes a former professional musician and a glass artist.

Naming of a newly described species after Reggae legend Bob Marley

Gnathia marleyi – Repeating Islands

Collaborating with Grammy-nominated, Steel Pulse bassist Amlak Tafari to use Reggae music to generate interest in marine conservation and awareness about the social impacts and injustice of climate change.

Collaborating with artist Sloop Jones to create wearable art featuring some of our study species.

Using dramatic performance to teach students about marine trophic interactions.

Collaborating with and consulting for film makers.