Amber McCammon

Arkansas State University, 2017 – Present

Dissertation: Ectoparasitic monogenean fish host association and cleaning symbiosis; Host range, differential infection rates, associate behavior and informal education

Bio: Amber has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in marine biology from the University of the Virgin Islands, and a Master of Science, biological sciences degree specializing in behavioral ecology of tropical marine organisms from Florida Atlantic University, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. Her research interests include science literacy, interspecific and intraspecific interactions including communication, population dynamics, reproductive strategies, social behavior, and symbiosis between and among micro and macro scale associates. Amber is currently focusing on Caribbean reef fish ectoparasitism and marine cleaning symbiosis.



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Grants Awarded

McCammon, A (2019) National Informal Science Education Fellowship Grant. Professional development, educational materials, and funds to integrate sustainability into public engagement work, operations, and community partnerships. Awarded travel, lodging, workshop attendance, and $1,000.

Idrisi, N, McCammon, A (2007) Marine Debris Removal and Monitoring Effort at Cas Cay – Mangrove Lagoon Marine Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary, St. Thomas, USVI. NOAA & the Gulf of Mexico Foundation, approved for $32,000.